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From a composer and classically trained musician:

Poor neglected C clef (used by violas and sometimes trombones)
Treble clef (also called G clef) does not always signify melody. It's used mainly by instruments whose range is largely above middle C ... or by voices (like a tenor singer) whose natural range is easiest to signify in a treble range. For instance, a cello (who uses bass clef ... also called F cleff) is often given melodies in string music.

May want to mention that treb. clef has its bottom circle around the G and bass cleff has the dots around F ('cause these guys can move up and down the staff, yo)

being nit-picky, flats and sharps should be thought of as "down" and "up" respectively, not "back" and "in front"

middle C is actually C4 scientifically and C' in helmholtz.

You left out the symbol for naturals.

Would've been nice to include key signatures (at least the concept) and time signatures as well (again, the concept). Maybe eigth, quarter, half and whole notes? Or is that the next tutorial? :P

you may want to mention that chords in guitar tab are stacked together. Tab also has the disadvantage in lack of precise timing. You kind of have to know what the song sounds like already in order to follow tab.

All in all, decent starting tutorial. Would've been nice to put sounds to the notes (maybe clickable?) Also, to hear what the tab sounds like and the sounds each of the individual guitar strings make. This way you start 'em early on ear training and those that play by ear can associate what they already know with the visible notes.

Darkmaster603 responds:

Yes, I agree. I'm working right on improving this guide.

The thing is, I just wanted to get THE BASICS down first, you know? I didn't want to confuse anyone, and I felt that if I brought in other clefs, notes, and other things I would have to explain it all, and that would probably confuse a lot of people =/. I also didn't mention ledger lines either. I guess I could have worded the sharps and flats better.

the more in depth guide to tablature is on it's way, it's about 30% done, and it explains EVERYTHING there is to know about tablature. Well, almost everything lol.

All in all, thanks for the criticism and suggestion, I'll make some corrections!

not "artsy" enough

A lot of folks are complaining about this being too "artsy". I think they are ineffectually saying that your vid is disconnected. There doesn't seem to be a unifying "theme" or underlying "thesis" to this work beyond "modernization = bad".

Some things I didn't like:
The lungs in the x-ray sections aren't "breathing". This may be on purpose or it may be laziness.

Moths coming out of old factory. Sure, moths symbolize decay -- but isn't the rest of this vid about modernization as both functional & malignant? Wouldn't a decaying factory be a good thing?

The "sparkle trees". Why are the trees sparkling? For a moment I thought this was an allusion to rorschach and psychology - but I quickly dismissed it.

Things I liked:
I like society as a set of staticy cogs.

I like that the emergency vehicle is spinning in circles and impotent.

I like the burning christmas trees because they hit at two levels - both the destruction of the environment through deforestation and the destruction of the self through over-commercialization and mass society.

All in all, the images used were loosely held together. It seemed like you didn't entirely know where you wanted to go with your theme. Perhaps that was part of your point ... modernization has led to a society in dissarray in which the symbols we use are both random and meaningless?

Good animation. Photos were well done. Thought there should be a bit of color here and there. Grainy black&white photos are SO 1996 :D. I liked it but probably won't watch it again.

Foxcato responds:

Thanks a lot for your constructive review:)

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This game is irritating. Power-ups are spotty. One hit = one life gone (no health meter), no specials, no continue, lives don't replenish after bosses, controls are slow, hit area is too large for your guy, bosses are inconsistent, enemies are hard to see (i would imagine impossible if you're red/green color blind), but ... the art is pretty.... I think if this was more playable, it would be more fun. I'm not a really good gamer so, maybe I just lack the "skills" to play this game?

A lot of fun

This is a type of game I love and I've spent hours and hours on this one. A few things that I'd like to see though:
1) Multiple save points (so I don't have to start an apprentice over from the very beginning to try different stuff)
2) Multiple saved apprentices ... and the ability to have them battle each other
3) Progress of what apprentice is becoming. Something like, at this rate, your apprentice will likely become a noble knight or completely unknown. This way you can see how your choices are changing the character.
4) speed changer - so I don't spend hours and hours watching the little dude work and fight. I would love a "cheetah speed" switch.

Other than that, a very fun game! Good job guys! ps pleeeease how in the world do I get a tier 1 result? I can get tier 2 easy, but haven't figured out tier 1 yet.


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